Sewerage Works

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Overall Project Completion

Sewerage conveyance and disposal are one of the important infrastructure facilities, presently being provided by THANE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION. THANE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION has already implemented underground ground sewerage scheme (UGSS) Project in order to convey and treat the wastewater before discharging to the thane creek. However, there are some existing house connections, along with house connections in a newly developed area, need to be connected to the main conveyance system.
The objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive sewerage conveyance system for systematic disposal of sewerage and to avoid water pollution and create a hygienic and clear environment in thane smart city ABD area.

    • Sewer Line of 37 Km


    • Total Number of House Connections-Approximately 7400


  • Total Number of Manholes-Approximately 2000

The outcome of the Project

    • Systematic conveyance and treatment of wastewater meeting discharging standards


    • Improvement of groundwater quality


    • Reduction in waterborne diseases


    • Optimum utilization of conveyance and treatment facilities


    • Option opened – Recycling of wastewater for non –potable purposes


  • Reduction in operation and maintenance cost of sewerage system provision of better sanitation facilities and service for citizens.
Release of Tender : Tender Published
Issuance of Work Order : Work Order Issued
Date of Issue of Work order : 23/01/2019
Implementing Agency : M/s Atharva Construction
Status : Work in progress
Cost of the Project : INR 22.87 Cr
Duration : 18 months
Physical Progress : 95%
Financial Progress : 86%
Expenditure Till Date: INR 19.62 Cr