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Overall Project Completion

Development of new Sub-Urban Railway station between Thane and Mulund.

  • Construction of new Sub-Urban railway station between Thane and Mulund near mental hospital Thane.
  • This new sub-Urban railway station will be constructed on the land of the regional mental hospital with an area of 14.83 acres.
  • This new sub-Urban station will serve the people living in ghodbunder road, Pokhran Road No.1 & No.2 and Wagle estate area.
  • The proposed new sub-urban station will reduce the traveller footfall of Thane & Mulund railway station by 31% & 24% respectively.
  • The proposed new sub-urban station will have facilities like vehicular parking, construction of deck outside the station, bus terminus facility etc. for the travellers.

Construction of operating area.

The construction new sub-Urban station has been divided into 2 components.

  1. Railway operating area – All the construction work for the railway operating area will be carried out by central railways and this work is funded by Thane Smart City limited.
  2. Development of Circulating area – All the development work for the circulating area will be carried out by Thane Smart City limited.

Benefits for the citizens.

  • This new sub-Urban station will reduce the traffic in the eastern and western area of an existing thane railway station and also reduce the traffic within the city.
  • This new sub-Urban station will reduce the commuters load at existing Thane railway station.
  • It will also help in reducing the pollution level within the station surrounding.
  • This new sub-Urban station will save the commuting time of passengers.
Release of Tender : Tender Published
Issuance of Work Order : Work Order Issued
Date of Issue of Work order : 07/03/2019
Implementing Agency : M/s SMC Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd
Status : Work in progress
Cost of the Project : INR. 142.75 Cr
Duration : 24 months
Physical Progress : 23%
Financial Progress : 21%
Expenditure Till Date: INR 33.51 Cr

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