Area Based Development Project

A total of 7500 number of Street lights have been replaced with LED light fixtures and its success and acceptance by the local people is well proven. Based on this work and positive results, Thane Municipal Corporation has now decided to up-scale Energy Efficiency implementation is Street lighting sector. Better and efficient street lighting system in city will beautify the city and ensure safety of the local people. This scale up project will also test innovative approach towards improved service delivery and promotion of clean and more efficient urban services, facilitate private sector engagement and lead the city towards better social, environmental and economic outcomes.
Thane Municipal Corporation is assisted by ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability – South Asia, in its transition towards low emission development through project “Developing Urban Low Emission Development Strategies in Emerging Economies (Urban LEDS)” funded by European Union and is supported by UN-Habitat. As a part of Urban LEDs, a pilot project was identified by Thane Municipal Corporation for replacement of high energy consuming lighting fixtures with low energy consuming LED fixtures through ESCO model. The project envisages to reduce energy consumption and thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions through municipal services.

Benefits to the citizen
• Better and efficient street light facility to the citizen of Thane as per commonly accepted standards for street lighting.
• Reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficient retrofits;
• Reduction in carbon foot prints
Project Status: Work Completed