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Overall Project Completion

With the aim of reducing dependency on conventional energy sources, Government of Maharashtra and Government of India are working in tandem to promote the use of new and renewable resources under the solar city initiatives. Considering the ‘Vision of City’, present national and state-level policies and incentives to support for the establishment of new and renewable energy generation power plants, Thane Municipal Corporation has taken initiative to start with ‘Grid-connected Solar PV Power Projects under the net-metering scheme on the available roofs at various locations of Thane Municipal Corporation School Buildings’


  • To optimize the capacity of the solar PV system.

  • To circumvent technical losses in the solar PV system arising out of DC/AC conversion ( No batteries).

  • To encourage solar energy use and energy independence among the public by setting a precedent.

  • To promote the use of solar energy applications.

  • To overcome the national barrier prevalent amongst the public that solar energy is expensive.

  • To promote the concept of “net-zero building” Where all the energy requirements are internally generated by the system to revolutionalise the solar energy sector.

Benefits to the citizen

    • Supply electricity generated out of solar PV systems at a cheaper cost per unit


  • Reduction in the overall carbon footprint by promoting green cost-effective solutions

Project Status: Work Completed

Release of Tender : 01/08/2016
Issuance of Work Order : Work Order Issued
Date of Issue of Work order : 07/03/2017
Implementing Agency : M/s. Psquare Technologies (JV)
Cost of the Project : INR. 2.25 Cr
Duration : 1 Year
Physical Progress : 100%
Financial Progress : 0%
Expenditure Till Date: